Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I list my Business?

Contact Clickonit for pricing and information.

How do I load my Business?

Your Listing is a "Mini Web Site" that is Self Managed by accessing your Personal Online Dashboard - Username and Password issued upon Registration - Setup and Managecontent regularly.

Who manages my content?

You manage your own content. Clickonit can manage it on your behalf, subject to a management fee payable.

How would I know if anybody views my Business?

Once you have your username and password, you can view your stats 24/7.

Can I upgrade my Listing?

You can upgrade your listing anytime, just contact Clickonit and they will arrange the Necessary.

Can I Have More Than One Address or Contact Number?

For your own Convenience, Statistics and Success, Only One Business per Listing and Per Ultimate Listing is allowed. The Most Important Contact Number should be used.

How Many Photos can I upload?

One Logo Image and nine Gallery Images on the Ultimate Listing

What is the size of the Photos?

300px x 250px - maximum 150Kb per Photo

Can I upload any Banners?

No, Unfortunnately not, Only those allowed in the Galleries.

What is "Extras"?

Your Pdf. Brochure or Pamphlet of your Business, You can change this regularly in your Consumer Dashboard.