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This is a freedom of expression festival with the intention of building a temporary community though collaborative arts projects, in a completely non-commercial environment.


This is a place to collaborate, cooperate, add to the public environment and build community.

The 'gift economy' means that there is no commercial exchange at the event at all - no vending, no cash bars and no branded promotion of services or products, the aim being real social interaction. It is an exercise in total self-reliance: participants camp for a week and provide entirely for themselves, including all their water, shelter and food needs. If you come to AfrikaBurn, you're expected to participate in whatever way you can.

What to bring?
You need to bring all your food, shelter, water, fuel, and basic first aid supplies. You must bring at least 5 litres of water per person per day (for drinking, preparing food and washing) and always carry a bottle of water with you.

It is important to note that no rubbish bins are provided! Whatever you bring to the event must be taken back out with you.

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96 Meade Street,George
Western Cape, 6529
Tel: 086 100 1777